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Emergency Dentist Moggill
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Emergency Dental Care Moggill

Our emergency dental services at Moggill Village

There are many reasons why patients require emergency dental care. Dental emergencies can occur at any time. Moggill Dental Office will do its best to accommodate any last minute appointment requests so that the patient does not have to continue to experience oral pain. Emergency dentistry is the dental practice that deals with oral health complications that require immediate attention.

Even a minor dental problem can result in more serious and long-lasting problems if it is not addressed soon. Complications related to oral health should be treated as soon as possible, hence emergency dentistry. To get immediate assistance if you have a toothache or a major dental emergency, call 07 3492 9090 immediately.

Do I need emergency dentistry? Call us if…

Moggill Emergency Dentist

Other reasons people in Moggill need an emergency dentist are sudden and severe toothaches. Your emergency dentist can examine teeth and identify the source of pain. An early cavity may turn into a deep cavity requiring root canal treatment. Gum disease is another possibility. Gums that recede can expose the roots and expose the tooth. This can cause intense pain and require urgent treatment. We do not want our clients to experience oral pain, so we will do our best to treat you as soon as possible. When you want to reach to an emergency dentist in Moggill, just call 07 3492 9090.

An tooth infection can lead to a dental abscess. Such an infection is extremely painful. Moreover, an abscess is a serious tooth infection that can settle into your jawbone and your mouth’s floor. It may be necessary to perform oral surgery in order to eliminate the infection. Our dentist can tell you if we find an abscess during your dental exam.

How can an emergency dentist help me?

Keeping our patients comfortable and free from pain is one of our top priorities at Moggill Dental. Therefore, we are aware that dental emergencies are typically unplanned situations. We will schedule an appointment and treat the problem quickly if your tooth has been damaged or you are in pain. Call us at 07 3492 9090 right away. In addition to accommodating your schedule, our staff will ensure that you get back to normal life without oral pain as quickly as possible. Our dental office will work with you based on the situation to provide the necessary treatment right away, as opposed to scheduling appointments far in advance. Maintaining a healthy diet year-round and getting twice a year’s worth of dental cleanings can also help you avoid dental emergencies.

Treatment Options

Tooth has fallen out…

When you lose a tooth, try to find it. After locating the tooth, rinse it with warm water without scrubbing. Take it with you to the dentist in a cup of milk. The dentist will try to save the tooth if possible. In the event that this is not possible, we will discuss replacement options. These could include dentures, a dental bridge, or dental implants.

When a tooth is infected…

Emergency dentists at Moggill Dental are trained to assess the situation and determine where the infection is and how quickly to treat it. Our goal is to keep you comfortable, healthy, and pain-free. Our patients rely on us to maintain a healthy mouth and to remove infections. By fixing a general cavity or treating a dental abscess, we ensure that a tooth is free from infection and pain. The issue can be handled in a way to ensure patients remain comfortable during any associated procedures.

When a tooth is broken…

Getting into an accident or playing sports can cause people to damage their teeth. Most of the time, the teeth will crack or chip. If the tooth structure remains intact, we can usually correct it with various dental treatments.

Patients can have their teeth restored in many ways. These include dental veneers and dental crowns. You can regain the full function of your tooth and keep its natural appearance with both options.

Our emergency dentist will give you information on your options and help you achieve your personal goals for your teeth while restoring them. Call us at 07 3492 9090 to schedule an appointment.

Definition of Dental Terminology


A dental or tooth abscess is the buildup of pus inside the teeth or gums. They are usually caused by bacterial infections.

Facial Cellulitis

Secondary to a dental abscess, facial cellulitis can spread to deep facial spaces, resulting in  sepsis, or brain infection.

Tooth Fracture

A fractured tooth can also be known as a cracked tooth or cracked tooth syndrome (CTS) when a crack appears in the tooth.

Lateral Luxation

Lateral luxation is a serious dental trauma that affects both the periodontal complex and the alveolar bone.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

In an impacted wisdom tooth situation, the third molar (wisdom teeth) are unable to erupt into the mouth.

Tooth Avulsion

An avulsed tooth is one that has been completely knocked out of its socket due to trauma.


Pericoronitis is an inflammation or swelling of the gum tissue. It usually happens around your wisdom teeth,

Irreversible Pulpitis

During irreversible pulpitis, inflammation and other symptoms, such as pain, are severe and the pulp cannot be saved.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry consists of taking care of your gums and teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene to keep them healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most frequent questions and answers
Q. When my child’s permanent tooth is knocked out, what should I do?

Find the tooth and rinse it gently with cool water. If possible, replace the tooth in the socket immediately and hold it in place with gauze or a washcloth (do not scrub or clean it with soap!) In case you cannot replace the tooth in the socket, place it in a clean container with milk, saliva, or water. Visit the Emergency Dentist as soon as possible. The sooner you seek treatment, the better your chances of saving your tooth.

Q. What if a tooth is chipped or fractured?

Get in touch with your dentist as soon as possible. If treated quickly, a tooth can be saved, infection prevented, and extensive dental work can be avoided. If your lip is also injured, rinse your mouth with water and apply cold compresses to reduce swelling. Bring the broken tooth fragment to the dental office in cold milk or water if you can find it.

Q. What should I do if my child’s baby tooth is knocked out?

Contact your emergency dental office immediately. Baby teeth should not be replanted, as this may cause damage to the developing permanent tooth.

Q. What if my child has a toothache?

Call our office right away. You might be able to alleviate your child’s pain using over-the-counter medications, dosed according to weight and age. Apply a cold compress or ice wrapped in a cloth to the area of the pain, but do not apply heat or aspirin.

Q. What is the most durable tooth replacement?

The best way to replace a missing tooth is with dental implants, which are very reliable and feel and look like natural teeth.

Services at Moggill Dental

At our General and Family Dentistry practice, we strive to keep your teeth healthy and functional.

Our cosmetic dentistry services also include teeth whitening, veneers, invisible braces and white fillings.

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We are passionate about helping patients with missing teeth to preserve the most youthful look possible.

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